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How to Ensure the Most Affordable Solar Installation

affordable solar

How to find the most affordable solar possible.

Just like purchasing a car or a home, solar is an investment.

In fact, besides cars and houses, solar is one of the more expensive investments you can make. It’s a long term investment and homeowners spend thousands of dollars paying off the installation over its 20 year expected life. However, the thousands of dollars in financial savings that homeowners can see, more than make up for these costs. Like any good investment though, you need to make sure that you are getting the most affordable solar and the best bang for your buck to increase your financial savings as much as possible.

The single most important tool to ensure you’re getting the most affordable installation? Knowledge.Continue reading

Why Walmart is Number 1 in Commercial Solar Installation


Walmart, as the top commercial solar installer, has installed twice the solar capacity of the closest corporate competitor.

And solar-powered chain stores in general are leading the way when it comes to corporate solar energy. Walgreens has installed over 134 solar systems around the US and has plans for many more. Sam’s Club, Ikea, Costco, Kohls, and many others have also pledged to dramatically grow their use of solar.Continue reading

Solar Universe Reviews: Great Company, Solid Installations

solar universe reviews

What are real customers saying about REPOWER America, formerly known as Solar Universe?

Solar Universe/REPOWER is a unique company that enjoys great reviews, though that does depend to a certain extent on location. Today, let’s dive in and see exactly how this company works and what makes them so special. We'll also see what real customers have to say by analyzing a few Solar Universe reviews, eventually helping you decide whether to work with this unique company.

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The Basics of Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation

What you can expect to during the solar panel installation process.

The Site Evaluation

When you’ve committed to getting a solar panel installation, the very first thing your installer will do is perform a detailed site evaluation. Solar panels are not a one-size-fits-all solution – there are many factors that needs to be taken into account when designing a solar system to make sure it meets your needs. The evaluation is intended to answer these questions:

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Are Portable Solar Panels for Apartments Worthwhile?

portable solar panels for apartments

Do you live in an apartment and want to go solar?

Maybe it’s not even the money-saving part of going solar that interests you, but the self-sufficiency or cleaner living that really piques your interest. But, you’ve got a problem. You live in an apartment. You don’t own the roof or the land around it. You don’t have the authority to install solar panels. What to do? Are there options like portable solar panels for apartments?

Thankfully, there’s a few different directions to take if you want to go solar in an apartment. You could work with your landlord and try to figure out a system that works for everyone or you could join a community solar garden.

If those don’t fit your needs, it might be time to look at portable solar panels for apartments. You might not save a lot (or any) money going this route, but it’s certainly fun to produce your own electricity and get out from under the utility, even if just a bit!Continue reading

Plug In Solar Panels: Will There Ever be a Tipping Point?

plug in solar panels

Will we ever get to a point of mass adoption?

For years now, many have pined for a plug and play solar installation. Something so easy and simple, you can just plug it in to any outlet and – boom! – you’ve added green energy to your home without ever even hiring a solar installer. Sounds incredible, but does it have wide enough appeal? And before we even get to mass adoption, can we get to the point where plug in solar panels are a safe, legitimate option?

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Wyoming Solar – Everything You Need to Know

wyoming solar

Information about Solar Panels in Wyoming

Its reputation as the Cowboy State might have something to do with the current "Wild West" status of the Wyoming solar industry, as there's not much in the way of endorsement or regulation from the state government. More likely than that is the fact that the state's primary industries revolve around mining fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas.

​In other words, local utilities have a plentiful source of cheap raw materials to work with right now, which means they don't have much incentive to look for renewable sources of energy. However, if ​the state's population​ adopts a bit of foresight and sees the long-term benefits of renewable resources, that could change​.

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US Solar Panel Tariffs Could Kick off a Trade War

Solar Panel Tariffs

Tariffs and tweets and trade spats, oh my!

President Trump set the stage for a battle with some of America’s biggest trading partners by approving new solar panel tariffs, and it quickly snowballed into much more. Let’s look at the hype surrounding Trump’s developing trade-spat, the international players involved, which sectors it will impact, and what the consequences may be.Continue reading

Nebraska Solar – Everything You Need to Know!

Nebraska Solar

Information about Solar Panels in ​Nebraska

Nebraska and its Cornhuskers might geographically be in the middle of the country, but the state's solar policies and the political climate around renewable resources put it near the bottom of our list of pro-solar states.

Despite a lack of financial incentives though, Nebraska solar can still be financially profitable. At the same time you'll be helping the environment and reducing our dependency on fossil fuels!

We've run the numbers and researched what incentives are available (such as they are), the tax rebates you'll qualify for, and what policies Nebraska has in place -- as well as the many areas the state can improve -- if you're interested in going solar in Nebraska.

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What Are the Top Solar Companies in Sacramento, CA?


Want to join the solar revolution in Sacramento? Start with the great local installers below!

With so many great solar companies in Sacramento, CA, it’s certainly hard to narrow down your list! With solar so popular in California, solar installers are seemingly everywhere. Of course people are turning to solar for good reason. Sacramento enjoys lots of sunshine and the state is very pro-solar!

Because solar is so abundant in the area, there are a lot of installers to pick from. How do you decide which company to work with? How do you even narrow down your top choices? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’re here to help!Continue reading

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