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Solar Loans: Everything You Need to know


The solar loan is an integral part of the rapidly growing solar industry – but there are a couple of things you should consider before signing a deal.

Solar panels are cheaper than ever before. Between emerging technologies and tax credits galore, you can put solar panels on the roof of your home for far less than what it used to cost even a decade ago.

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Cap And Trade VS Carbon Tax: A Political Perspective

Carbon tax vs cap and trade? It’s not the old approach to energy policy that is designed to fix – or to wreck – the climate.

Carbon tax is any kind of tax intended to make carbon emitters pay for the damage they cause to the environment by burning fossil fuels.

Cap and trade is a government initiative where “cap” puts a limit on the amount of carbon that is allowed to be emitted by companies, whereas “trade” refers to the process where companies can trade with their allowances in order to incentivize the reduction of pollution.

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Bitcoin Technology to Fuel P2P Solar Revolution?

Bitcoin technology: future of P2p solar?

A solar firm in Australia is testing bitcoin technology – blockchain – for allowing homeowners with solar to sell their excess energy to their neighbors, rather than back to the utility.

The technology driving the system is blockchain, the same technology that drives the digital currency Bitcoin.

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Claiming The Solar ITC: IRS Form 5695 Instructions

ITC-Form 5695

While advancements in efficiency and the natural cost decline as the technology has been refined are partly to thank for solar’s astounding growth, one major factor in this feat is the ITC (Solar Investment Tax Credit).

Here we’ll take a look at what the investment tax credit is and how you can use it to your advantage, as well as how to use IRS Form 5695, the document required to claim the credit.

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Glass Sphere Betaray Concentrates Solar and Lunar Energy

glass sphere

The glass sphere that was a finalist at the World Technology Network Award of 2013  by German designer Andre Broessel at Rawlemon is now seen as one of the most promising advances in solar energy.

At that time, he had submitted the design for a “spherical sun-tracking solar energy-generating globe“.

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What Is a Power Purchase Agreement?

power purchase agreement

As those utility bills keep continuing to climb, you know you need a way to get them under control. I began the process of learning about Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for that very reason.

  • What is a Power Purchase Agreement?
  • Are you interested in adding solar panels to your home or business, but lack the upfront capital to do so?
  • Do you want to start saving money on power from day one, instead of waiting for the system to, “pay for itself”?
  • Do you want to stop feeling guilty about how using power in your home is affecting the environment?
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