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Advantages of Paying Cash for Solar Systems



With solar energy cheaper than ever, plenty of homeowners are considering adding solar panels to their homes. However, solar systems can still be costly for many homeowners. For those who want to add solar panels to their house, it begs the question: should you lease the solar panels over a set period of time, or pay the cash upfront and own them once they’re installed?Continue reading

Utilities Think Solar Rooftop Homeowners Need to Pay to Maintain the Grid

Thanks to technological advances and consumer concern over cheaper, renewable energy sources, solar energy costs are falling. In fact, solar costs are about the same as electricity at power plants, which means the battle for electric utility companies versus solar power businesses is heating up.

According to NPR, utilities are not demanding that solar rooftop users should pay their “fare share” to maintain the grid. Because homeowners lease the rooftop panels from a solar installation company, they’re saving money by using less power from the utilities electric plants. “What we are arguing for is fairness in paying for the grid,” says David Owens, a vice president of the Edison Electric Institute, the trade association of investor-owned utilities.Continue reading

Is Solar Cost Competitive With Traditional Power Yet?

It seems as though solar panels have gotten a rep as being a luxury item of environmentally-friendly-wealthy-Prius-driving homeowners. But that reputation is quickly changing, as solar energy continues to become cheaper and the technology advances.

So are solar panels cheaper than traditional power NOW?

A concerned and intelligent homeowner recently posed this question to Scientific American. And the answer is, in a nutshell, that it depends on the government — but it’s looking good for homeowners.Continue reading

Job Growth in Solar and Renewable Energy in Double Digits

Looking for a job? Have you considered a job in renewable energy like solar?

Over the last decade, renewable energy has become one of the fastest growing industries. As solar panels become cheaper and tax incentives remain, more homeowners and businesses have been able to take advantage of the lower costs. From manufacturing to installation and everything in between, big names like General Electric are rapidly expanding to build renewable energy infrastructure and keep up demand. The best news is, of course, that it’s providing clean energy jobs for U.S. workers.Continue reading

Florida Cutting Back on Solar Power Targets

Oh, the irony. The “Sunshine State” is doing away with its solar rebate program at the end of next year.

We just spoke with solar installation companies in Florida, and the rebates are still in effect for 2015 – so it’s a great year to go solar. What’s particularly sad is that Florida is ranked as the 3rd best state to go solar in, and many of the local companies have been around for decades – proving that Florida really is the Sunshine State!Continue reading

Stanford Professor Develops Stick-On Solar Cells

Xiaolin Zheng, an associate professor at Stanford, is sticking to what may revolutionize solar energy as we know it: stick-on solar cells.

The creation of a thin, flexible, and adhesive solar cell could mean generating powering on way more than just rooftops.

Named one of the 2014 Emerging Explorers by National Geographic, Zheng explained to the magazine how the idea was born out of a comment from her father. “In China, the rooftops of many buildings are packed with solar energy devices,” said Zheng in the article. “One day my father mentioned how great it would be if a building’s entire surface could be used for solar power, not just the roof, but also walls and windows.”

Continue reading

Michigan Airport May Be New Site of Solar Energy

When you think solar, are you thinking Michigan? That could change by next year, when Ann Arbor may have one of the state’s largest energy installations.

Ann Arbor city officials announced that they want to go in on a 10-acre solar farm at the Ann Arbor Municipal Airport by partnering with DTE Energy. While it would start out as a 1-megawatt solar farm, there would be room for expansion and the addition of more solar panels. Once it’s completed, it would make the airport solar farm the largest installation in Michigan.Continue reading

The Sensational Solar Power Towers of Spain


Solar Towers Spain: Twenty miles west of Seville, Spain stand the two solar power towers of Solucar, the largest European solar energy complex.

They look less like what you’d imagine a solar tower to look like, and more like a sci-fi portal to another world.

Given the ample sunshine in the south of Spain, it’s no wonder that solar plants are popping up. This past July, solar power contributed to over eight percent of Spain’s electricity. Not only that, but Spain has emerged as a pioneer in solar energy, with this glowing obelisk actually being the world’s first commercial concentrating solar power tower.Continue reading

How does your State Rank for Solar Power in 2015?


When it comes to a solar policy, how does your state rank in 2015?

If you’re in the Northeast, chances are it’s pretty good. New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Vermont, and Maryland scored high marks. Oregon, Colorado, Minnesota, and New Mexico helped round out the top 10.

Those in the South? Not so much. Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and West Virginia came straggling in at the end. Idaho has the worst score this year, with nearly all F’s across the board.Continue reading

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