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What are the Top Solar Companies in Arizona?


Top 10 solar companies in Arizona

With a state average of 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, the number of  solar installations in Arizona are growing so quickly that APS (the state’s largest utility) has been struggling to keep up with all the approvals homeowners submit to connect their panels to the grid. And there are now dozens of solar companies popping up in the state, each looking to serve the rapidly expanding solar market. Of course, not all are up to the task of being one of the top solar companies in Arizona.

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What is a solar carport, and how much does it cost?


While a normal carport provides covered shelter for a parked car, a solar carport provides power too!

Before we elaborate on a solar carport, let’s look at a normal carport in a residential setting. A carport is often used as a cheaper alternative to a full garage, providing shelter from the elements, but not really doing much to increase security. Keeping your car under cover when parked has a lot of benefits: in sweltering heat, the car is kept cool in the shade; in colder weather, the carport keeps the car protected from rain, frost, and snow.

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Is SolarCity a Good Deal?


Is SolarCity a good deal? Find out if getting a SolarCity lease is right for you.

If you’ve spent any time at all looking into solar energy over the last few years, you’ve probably heard of SolarCity. SolarCity is one of the biggest names in the leasing game. If you’re interested in installing solar with a lease, you probably want to know if they’re worth it. Read this post if you want to determine whether SolarCity is a good deal for you.Continue reading

Can You Put Solar Panels on a Flat Roof?


Residential solar panels are commonly seen installed on pitched roofing. But can you put solar panels on a flat roof?

I’m happy to report that yes, you can indeed put solar panels on a flat roof! In fact, if you own a home with a flat roof and you’re considering getting solar power installed, then you’re in an enviable position. Though there are some trade-offs to contend with, in general, having a flat roof gives you a number of advantages over your pitched-roof peers.Continue reading

Orlando Solar – Everything You Need to Know


Information about Solar Panels in Orlando, FL

If you’re looking into solar power situation in Orlando, you’ll find a fairly mixed bag of ups and downs. From a practical standpoint, Orlando is a fantastic place to install a rooftop solar array. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Florida ranks 3rd overall in the potential energy that could be gained from rooftop solar, with only California and Texas coming out ahead. All that sunshine can do wonderful things to your energy bills.

Unfortunately, the outlook is a little less sunny politically speaking, with minimal support for solar throughout the state. We give Florida a rank of ‘B-’ overall – whilst there’s not much stopping you, you won’t find the support that you might find in more forward-thinking states.

Let’s take a closer look.

For a broader state overview, see our Florida solar page.


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Can You Walk on Solar Panels?


Walking on solar panels doesn’t sound like a great idea

On first hearing this question, my initial reaction was, “This is going to end badly.” Outside of the much-maligned Solar Roadways project, I hadn’t heard of any solar panels you could walk on. I also couldn’t bring to mind any cases where you’d want to, outside of being a ninja trying to ensure you left no trace on a target’s roof.

Ninjas aside, I have since come across a couple of minor cases where wanting to stand on solar panels is understandable. It’s something I’ve seen yacht owners asking about, trying to make use of very limited deck space.

So, the question remains — can you walk on solar panels?

Early on in my investigations, I came across this promotional video from SolarWorld. In the video they make a point of showing off how strong their panels are, simulating some incredibly vicious hail, walking across them, and even going so far as to drive a truck over them. Clearly, the panels shown in the video can take the stress with no problems… But.

There’s a problem — we never see the panels actually working, either before or after the test.

Now, this was a promotional piece, and not a scientific test. That said, I’d want to see the voltage coming out of those panels before and after the tests shown before I risked stomping across panels I hoped to use — even more so if I were paying for them out of my own pocket. With that in mind, I went hunting for datasheets.Continue reading

How to Find a Pre-Screened Solar Pro


Finding the right Solar Pro

One of the most difficult parts about going solar is choosing your installer. So much rests on the shoulders of the contractors you hire. Depending on where you are, you might have dozens of companies to dig through, and it’s all too easy for analysis paralysis to set in.

So, where do you start?

On option is to use the SolarReviews Pre-Screened Solar Pros accreditation as an example. They estimate only the top 20% of all solar companies can earn the accolade, which makes it a nice measure for selecting the cream of the crop. Even if you don’t use a company directly from SolarReviews’ list, a good understanding of how the award works will help you to make a good selection.Continue reading

Where is the Best Place to Find Solar Company Reviews?


Finding Solar Company Reviews

Finding a reliable contractor is crucial to make your solar dream a reality.  Hiring a fly-by-night installer is a very quick way to turn your solar dream into a nightmare – so how do you make sure you pick a good company?

Image: Yes, these guys are drilling holes in your roof.

Looking at solar company reviews should be your first step in picking who you do business with. By themselves reviews on the internet aren’t worth all that much, but they’re a good starting point. While you should never make a decision off the back of a single review, the general tone of things should provide you with a solid idea of a company’s reputation and character. Take note of things that crop up a lot – if a dozen people are all saying the same thing, that’s a good sign that you’ll have a similar experience. If a company has responded to a review you can use the quality and tone of that response as another measure to help you form an initial opinion.Continue reading

What are the Best Solar Companies in California?


The Golden state is a fantastic place for going solar power – but how do you choose among best solar companies in California?

With such a high popularity, it should be no surprise that there are hundreds of solar installers in the state, all vying for your business. Whilst this means you’re spoilt for choice, it also means it can be hard to pick someone out of the crowd. We’ve taken a look at the available options, to try and help you find the best solar panel companies in California.

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The Basics of Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation

What you can expect to during the solar panel installation process.

The Site Evaluation

When you’ve committed to getting a solar panel installation, the very first thing your installer will do is perform a detailed site evaluation. Solar panels are not a one-size-fits-all solution – there are many factors that needs to be taken into account when designing a solar system to make sure it meets your needs. The evaluation is intended to answer these questions:

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