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Solar EV Program in Colorado: Huge Success!

nissan leaf solar ev

Solar EV: the first-ever promotion to bundle a solar roof with an electric vehicle by a coalition of municipal governments in Colorado during the last four months of 2015 was a huge success.

Colorado has innovated a marriage made in heaven: EV and PV

The program resulted in a sharp rise in EV purchases as more people were alerted to the powerful carbon-cutting synergistic relationship created by marrying rooftop solar to an EV in the garage. The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) provided support.

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Rooftop Solar on Municipal Buildings Could Save Cities Millions

We talk often about California, Arizona, and Hawaii as solar leaders, but Colorado is a state that knows clean energy. It ranks sixth for solar, and has plenty of potential to become an even bigger solar hotspot. But what about its unused city space? A report from the Institute of Local Self-Reliance cited that the roofs of municipal buildings could generate thousands of megawatts (MW) of solar power for cities, saving them millions of dollars.

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Colorado CPUC Says No to Distributed, Community Solar

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission, in a decision reminiscent of the mythological Zeus’s thunderbolt, said no to Xcel Energy’s proposal to use its Solar Connect program to establish community solar projects.

Community solar, also known as distributed solar, is a program whereby utility company ratepayers can opt into solar power by investing in a “farm” of solar panels (often on public land) which sends electricity back into the grid for common use.Continue reading