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Solar Leasing in Florida Approved for First Time

solar leasing in florida

If you live in the sunshine state, your life just got a little sunnier.

Last month, in a unanimous vote state regulators removed legal barriers to solar leasing in Florida. Now local residents can join in the financing mechanism that allowed the residential solar industry to explode back in the late 2000s and mid-2010s, as reported by Bloomberg.

Thus far, solar leases in Florida have been hampered by a regulation stating that only electric utilities are allowed to sell electricity. Until now, regulators have interpreted solar leases to be a form of electricity selling, which barred solar installers from offering the popular financing mechanism.Continue reading

Best Florida Solar Installers in the Jacksonville Area


Want to install solar in the Jacksonville area, but not sure how to find an installer?

Or are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of companies out there and want to know who the best Florida solar installers are in your neighborhood? Don’t worry, we’ve got answers!

Below, we list out five Florida solar companies either based or working in the Jacksonville area that really caught our eye. Each installer enjoys great reviews from previous customers and offers a unique set of services in addition to photovoltaic solar (the kind that make electricity), including solar water heaters, energy storage, home automation, or even just premium US-made PV solar panels.Continue reading

Gainesville Solar – Everything You Need to Know


Information about Solar Panels Gainesville, Fl

In 2011, the sheer quantity of solar panels residents and businesses of Gainesville, FL had installed made national news. The number of solar installations was three times as high as the US national average and higher even than solar-friendly countries like Japan and France. No doubt this spike in popularity was due in part to GRU’s (Gainesville Regional Utilities) very popular solar feed-in tariff program which provided incredible financial incentives for solar electricity pushed back into the grid by their solar customers.

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Fort Lauderdale Solar – Everything You Need to Know


Information about Buying and Installing Solar Panels in Fort Lauderdale

With sunny skies and numerous solar installers, using solar panels in Fort Lauderdale is a great idea. It’s even home to Advanced Green Technologies, the largest solar installer in the state (though SolarCity will take over this title as they begin in operations there).

If you’re a homeowner in the Fort Lauderdale area, there are a handful of financial incentives –-including the 30% federal tax credit and net metering -- that make going solar a great decision. While Fort Lauderdale homeowners won't save as much money as those in solar-friendly states like California or Oregon (where homeowners can enjoy upfront rebates from their utilities and electricity rates are high), you can still save of dollars by installing Fort Lauderdale solar panels!

For a broader state overview, see our Florida Solar page.

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Central Florida Solar – Everything You Need to Know


Information about Central Florida Solar

Note on area covered: This article focuses on going solar in the Central Florida area, including Tampa, Ocala, and Titusville. Utilities in this area include FPL, Duke-Progress, and TECO. If you are interested in going solar in Orlando, check out our dedicated solar in Orlando page.

Central Florida sees great sunshine and clear weather for much of the year – a perfect place for solar! If you’re wondering whether it makes sense to go solar in the area, or how to go solar, you’re in luck! We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and created this guide to central Florida solar! This is your one-stop-shop for learning about what financing is available for your solar installation, what kind of financial savings you can expect going solar, relevant solar policy, and financial incentives.

For a broader state overview, see our Florida solar state page.


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Orlando Solar – Everything You Need to Know


Information about Solar Panels in Orlando, FL

If you’re looking into solar power situation in Orlando, you’ll find a fairly mixed bag of ups and downs. From a practical standpoint, Orlando is a fantastic place to install a rooftop solar array. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Florida ranks 3rd overall in the potential energy that could be gained from rooftop solar, with only California and Texas coming out ahead. All that sunshine can do wonderful things to your energy bills.

Unfortunately, the outlook is a little less sunny politically speaking, with minimal support for solar throughout the state. We give Florida a rank of ‘B-’ overall – whilst there’s not much stopping you, you won’t find the support that you might find in more forward-thinking states.

Let’s take a closer look.

For a broader state overview, see our Florida solar page.


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Florida Solar – Everything You Need to Know


Thinking of installing solar in sunny Florida? 

You’re not alone! The state ranked 17th in the most solar installed in the US in 2015. Not too bad considering Florida lacks many of the incentives that heavily discount the cost of going solar. However, the state sees excellent weather for producing your own renewable energy and homeowners can take advantage of numerous tax incentives to save even more money going solar!

If you’re looking for information on going solar in specific cities in Florida, check out our articles on Going Solar in Orlando, Going Solar in Central Florida, Going Solar in Gainesville, and Going Solar in Ft Lauderdale.

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Miami Solar – Everything You Need to Know


Miami Solar

For those of you living in Miami, you'll find a lot of good news and some bad news about the state of solar Florida.

As a solar customer there, you’ll find that you will come out way ahead in areas such as property taxes, sales taxes, net metering, and tax credits. Unfortunately, you will be left behind in state-specific tax credits and energy policies.

If you are interested in purchasing a solar system in Miami, then I advise you to read through all of the various options included in this article to find which one works best for you.You will find that solar is a compelling investment no matter where you live, but specifics to the state of Florida will be important to any decision that you make.​

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Tampa Solar – Everything You Need to Know


Going Solar in Tampa, Florida

If you are living and looking into solar panels in Tampa, FL then you are no doubt aware that your state is called the "Sunshine State" with good reason. In fact, you are usually able to enjoy up to 244 days of sunshine each year!

With all those golden rays coming in, it's no surprise that you are interested in installing a solar panel system on your roof to invest in the free energy available to you. Solar systems represent a great investment for your home, community, and nature itself and this opportunity is ready for you in Tampa!

Unfortunately, there are a few obstacles that you will have to deal with while living in Florida and due to the mixed bag of policies in the state, we currently rank it a solid 'C' compared to other states in the US. You will come out way ahead in some areas, but some financial opportunities will be closed to you as well. Let's find out what we're dealing with.

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Disney Solar Plant Looks Like Mickey Mouse

disney solar installation

Disney World’s Large Solar Project Probably Looks Familiar

For those on their way to Orlando’s Disney World to get Belle’s autograph or revel in the Magic Kingdom, the first taste you might get of the famous park is while you still on the plane, staring down at the biggest, bluest Mickey Mouse you’ll ever see. You’d probably be surprised to know that it’s actually a solar installation!

This might come as a surprise, but Walt Disney World has come out as a major adopter of renewable energy. They just completed a large-scale solar installation to power the park and while Disney isn’t the first theme park to go solar, and soon it won’t be the largest, it has a certain panache that no one other than Disney could pull off.

In late 2015, Disney World leased 20 acres of land to Duke Energy, a large utility company operating in several states in the southeastern United States, for construction of a 5 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic solar power plant – the largest solar project in the park thus far. As always, Disney never does anything without going all the way and the 48,000 solar panels are installed in the all-too-familiar shape of a giant, renewable Mickey Mouse head.Continue reading