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Georgia Solar – Everything You Need to Know


Information about Solar Panels in Georgia

Let’s not beat around the bush: it’s hard to save money going solar in Georgia. The once-wonderful GA solar state tax credit is now expired, utilities aren’t required to offer net metering, and there are very few financial incentives or rebates to drop the total investment cost.

However, with some good planning and by taking advantage of the federal tax credit, you can still save money going solar in Georgia. Take a look below for savings estimates as well as information on solar policy and incentives to help you on your solar journey.

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Georgia Power Muscles in on Rooftop Solar

It’s so easy to stay with your utility, but smarter to go solar: in one southern state you can do both.

Till rooftop solar appeared on the scene, renting power from an electric company was the default option. You just had the power turned on when you moved in. You didn’t have to get a PhD in understanding the economics of whatever power they used. You just rented it. You didn’t have to undergo a credit check to see if you’d pay the monthly bill. They just cut you off if you didn’t pay. Tough, but simple. An easiest path decision.

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