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How you can Reduce Energy Costs and Save a Buck


Solar is great, but aren’t there other ways to save money on your electricity bills?

Well, as a matter of fact, yes, there are! Installing energy efficiency measures – like LED lightbulbs – around your home and changing a few basic habits can drastically drop your electricity bills for much less money than installing solar.

Not to say solar is bad. Consider energy efficiency as a prelude to going solar. By reducing the amount of energy you consume, you can install a smaller solar system. Energy efficiency and solar go together quite nicely!Continue reading

Energy Saving Curtains and Other Window Improvements


Energy efficiency in the home will lower energy costs.

How can energy saving curtains, awnings, and blinds make a difference in your home?

In many of the posts on this blog, we talk about solar energy, how to ensure that your solar system is performing well, and giving you tips so that you are generating as much power as possible for your needs. Just as important, however, is what happens to that energy after it has been created and used to power things in your home, such as your air conditioner or heater.

Houses are ripe with opportunities for cracks, crevices, and other openings that allow your cooled (or heated) air to escape. Even more insidious is the fact that a lot of that energy escapes right through your windows, even if they are closed!

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Is Green Building Design Making Us Sick?


The targets of green building design are laudable.

Water conservation. Energy Reduction. Lower emissions. These are key targets of any green building design and it’s what we all look to as a successful end result.

But what if the end result that we seek is actually leading to negative and unforeseen consequences?

This is exactly what many are experiencing across the globe as water and energy saving measures are becoming more adopted on a larger scale. As less water is used and building become tighter to outside air, we are finding that harmful bacteria, mold, and airborne particulates are increasing due to the stale air, trapped moisture, and non-moving water in building systems.Continue reading