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Bionic Leaf 2.0 Turns Sunlight Into Liquid Fuel

bionic leaf

Bionic leaf that produces liquid fuel from carbon dioxide: Harvard scientists have surpassed the efficiency of photosynthesis 

Today, solar energy allows us to harness electricity from photovoltaic cells in a process that yields hydrogen and stores it in fuel cells. But scientists have so far failed to use this method to produce practical fuel that can be used for power. But it now appears that this may no longer be the case.

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Can Oil Companies be Forced to Switch to Clean Energy?

A Danish oil company is bringing the first offshore wind to the US.

DONG Energy is building a massive offshore wind farm 15 miles out to sea south of Martha’s Vineyard. Their humungous 1 GW Bay State Wind project is likely to go ahead while previous attempts at developing offshore wind in the US failed.

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Top Solar Friendly States Lead US in CO2 Cuts



The US made CO2 cuts of 10% in the first thirteen years of the 21st century, per the EIA, primarily thanks to the solar friendly states.

The US Energy Information Agency (EIA) has released a report looking at carbon emissions by state. Just counting from 2000 till 2013, 37 states have reduced their emissions and 13 other states raised them in that time. Tallied together, the US has cut its total CO2 emissions by 9.6%.

As of 2013, the solar-friendly states now have the lowest CO2 emissions per capita.

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Now Google Shows You Your Solar Potential

Project Sunroof

Google has come out with a fabulous way to easily check your own solar potential with its new online roof tool “Project Sunroof”.

Leveraging Google’s already awesome aerial mapping like in Google Earth, Project Sunroof makes it possible to check and see how much you could save at a glance if you were to go solar – as long as you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno, or Boston, MA.

The idea is brilliant. Because we can trust google to be impartial, am I right?

Solves procrastination

You know you should check into solar, but it can feel a little scary filling out forms and asking on a solar company to do an estimate, even though you know it’s free. Maybe because it’s free. And so you put it off. What if they strong-arm you into feeling you should do something, and you’re not sure if it makes sense. What if going solar sounds too good to be true. Is solar really right for me? The more these questions pile up, the less you want to ask for an estimate. So you just put off even checking it out.

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