New York Solar Panel Rebates

New York State Solar Panel Rebates

New York has excellent solar rebates that pay homeowners a lot of money back after they’ve installed solar. Some rebates you can even get up front through the solar installation company.

New York’s Basic Solar Rebate: $1,750 back for every 1kW of installed solar.

The only caveats here are that there is a cap of $12,500 and you can only claim up to 40% of the total system price. For an average-sized system of 5kW, this rebate will give you $8,750 off the cost of the system.

Note: some solar installers in New York may offer to pay you the rebate up front so that you don’t have to wait to get the money back.

New York’s Solar Tax Credit: 25% off the cost of the system

This is another great credit because it pays for a huge chunk of system cost. All you have to do is file for the tax credit with the IRS after you’ve purchased the system.

Where do I learn more?

The best place to learn more about solar panel rebates in New York is to get a free estimate with a local solar installation company.

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