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Oklahoma Solar – Everything You Need to Know


Information about Solar Panels in Oklahoma

We’re not going to lie. Compared to other states, the prospects for OK Solar is fairly bleak. Actually, it’s really bleak. With large reserves of natural gas (which account for almost 50% of all electricity generation in the state) and cheap wind, coupled with little pro-solar regulations and no incentives, utilities and homeowners lack any real reason to install.

All that being said, if you have the right situation and take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit, you can not only save a little cash over the life of the installation, but you’ll be contributing to a cleaner environment! And that’s the whole point of solar right?

Below we’ve got all the information you need to decide whether going solar in Oklahoma is right for you, including savings estimates, information on solar policy, and details on available incentives (or at least, the available incentive).

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