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Is it Possible for Solar Panels to Run Air Conditioner Units?


How to ensure your solar system can manage AC – the biggest energy hog in any house

Can you use solar panels to run air conditioner units? In a word, yes. If your home is connected to the grid and your solar installation is net metered, it is possible to use solar energy to cool your house. Many homes already do this!

However, in another word: maybe. An AC unit requires a lot of electricity. If you live off-grid and have no method of backup power, your solar/battery system will need to be quite large.

Let’s take a look at AC energy requirements and typical solar production to see if solar panels can really run air conditioners in each setup.Continue reading

5 Major Ways to Save Money on Home Energy Beyond Solar Panels

So you’ve switched out all the light bulbs in favor of LEDs and turned down the heat. Now what? Why is your home energy bill still so high? 

Well, did you know the energy used in the average house is responsible for twice as many greenhouse gas emissions as the average car?

That’s right, your home is an energy suck, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are five very easy ways to start saving on your home energy bill that go way beyond replacing your light-bulbs with LEDs. (Bonus: many of these are extremely cost-efficient!)

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