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How to Get Solar Power Without Batteries


Installing solar power without batteries

How do you store the energy, anyway?

If you’re interested in purchasing a new solar system, then you likely have a lot of questions about how the system works and what you will need to suit your individual needs. One question that comes up often is whether or not a solar system needs a battery and how to get solar power without batteries. It’s really a trick question because although most systems don’t use batteries at all, but use the electrical grid as a sort of flexible battery storage and on demand power system. If this makes no sense, that’s fine, because we’re going to explain!

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Tesla Powerwall 2 Review

Tesla Powerwall 2

Here we review the Tesla Powerwall 2, which aims to be a simple solution to the difficulties with solar power, by making sure you’ve actually got the power when you need it.

If you are at work for most of the day, almost all of the power consumed by your house is used in the evenings, when your solar panels are no longer generating electricity. To use the solar power generated, you could consider using timers to move power-hungry tasks like laundry and dishwashing into the day, where they can take advantage of your solar system. Depending on how big your solar array is and how much power your house uses.

Alternatively – you could look at buying a battery. When buying a battery for your solar system you need to consider the costs involved. You would need to spread the cost of the battery over its lifespan, and take into account how often you’ll cycle it – the more you use it the cheaper it will work out on a per-kilowatt-hour basis. You might find that it works out cheaper for you to use grid power in your area, though you might still consider buying a battery if you need short term protection from black-outs. Or even better than just buying a battery, you could buy a Tesla Powerwall 2.Continue reading

How Is Solar Energy Stored?


Solar energy storage is often misunderstood.

There’s a lot of information online and it’s often in the news claiming it’s the next big thing in the solar industry.  You might have heard that in places like Hawaii and California it’s even cost effective to install a solar system with storage today. But what does that mean exactly? What exactly is solar plus storage and how does it work for homeowners connected to the utility grid?Continue reading

Include Batteries with Your PV to get a 30% ITC for Storage

PV storage

With the increased interest in battery storage, as a companion to a PV installation, the IRS, in October put out a request for comments on ways to improve the battery storage 30% ITC.

The IRS will issue a final ruling at the end of 2016 on the specific conditions under which batteries are eligible for the 30% ITC

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Do clean energy projects have adverse effects?

There can always be adverse unintended consequences when we seek to make the world better. The trick is knowing the difference and proceed understanding the whole picture.

When Florida brought in thirsty melaleuca trees to deal with the swampy conditions they never dreamed they would snuff out native species and they would be impossible to eradicate. We need to learn from these lessons and consider the domino effect of what we do. It is great to institute clean energy projects, but we must be cognizant of the potential adverse effects when doing so.

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What About Better Batteries for Solar Power?

The current electricity grid as we know it works by pulling from different power sources. Since large amounts of electricity are hard to store, it just continues to pull electricity.

But what if we looked at power as something that doesn’t come from a giant electric grid? What if it just came from rooftop solar panels instead?

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World’s First Solar Cell Invented that Can Store its Own Energy

solar storage

Professor Yiying Wu of Ohio State University has invented the world’s first solar battery, a device that can both generate and store electricity at the same time.

In short, the battery can be thought of as a hybrid between a solar cell and a battery that is rechargeable with air and light.

The chemistry and biochemistry professor and his students announced in the October 3 2014 issue of Nature Communications that their patent-pending device could decrease costs of renewable energy by 25%.Continue reading