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Storing Solar Energy in Water with Pumped Hydro Storage


Does it make sense to use pumped hydro storage for solar energy?

If you’re like the majority of people, the idea of storing solar energy in water sounds confusing and virtually impossible. Who has ever heard of pumped hydro storage for solar before? Yet “energy storage” is the renewable industry’s latest buzz phrase, and it is changing at a rate faster than anyone but those designing it can keep up with.

“But why should I care about storage?” you ask. Great question! At the end of the day, it’s about how much money you want to keep in your wallet. Our ability to store energy more effectively will directly impact the price you pay for your electricity.

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Groundbreaking Hydro Storage Uses Solar Energy

solar hydro storage

The world’s first pumped hydro storage project is being developed in Chile, using solar energy to push seawater up a cliff

Wind power has long been stored using pumped hydro. When there is too much wind that the grid doesn’t need right then; the excess wind power is used to pump water up to a reservoir. When the electricity is needed, it is allowed to rush down to turn hydropower turbines.

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