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The Solar PPA and Everything You Need To Know About It


What is a Solar PPA and how does it work?

In the late 2000’s the solar industry introduced the solar PPA, or power purchase agreement, as a way for homeowners to easily install solar without any of the extremely high upfront costs solar installations usually require. Along with solar leases, PPAs quickly became a dominant source of financing for residential solar and accounted for an increasing number of residential solar installations in 2015.

Solar PPAs, along with leases, are considered 3rd party financing as individual solar installers (not the homeowner or utility) provide the upfront capital necessary for the installation. PPAs are somewhat of a strange system and might be a little confusing initially, but after some research, you’ll soon see why PPAs have become so popular across the country!

Today, let’s look at how PPAs are structured, how they differ from leases, and give a few tips to remember if you choose to move forward with a PPA.Continue reading

Solar Loans: Everything You Need to know


The solar loan is an integral part of the rapidly growing solar industry – but there are a couple of things you should consider before signing a deal.

Solar panels are cheaper than ever before. Between emerging technologies and tax credits galore, you can put solar panels on the roof of your home for far less than what it used to cost even a decade ago.

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