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The World’s Biggest Solar Panel Manufacturers of 2017


Looking at this year’s 10 biggest manufacturers of solar panels

Over the last ten years, the solar industry has grown at an almost unbelievable pace. From 2005 to 2016, total solar panel production increased from a paltry 1.4 gigawatts to 70 GW – an increase of 4,900%! (See NREL report below for stats.) Today, let’s take a look at the companies that make this happen – the world’s ten biggest solar panel manufacturers.

In 2016, these companies produced about half of that 70 GW total, with each shipping between 2.2 and 5 GW of solar panels. That’s enough solar for each company to power between 385,000 and 1 million average-sized rooftop installations!

For the most part, all the manufacturers produce ‘standard’ solar panels for both residential and commercial installations (panels for commercial systems are larger), though some also offer special products like frameless panels, panels with premium components, batteries, and mounting systems as well.

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Commercial Solar is Back for 2015

While residential solar has been growing steadily, commercial solar hasn’t grown quite as much.

However, new projections state that commercial solar installations are expected to increase 40 percent over the total commercial solar installations from 2014.

The 2015 Solar Investment Index survey commissioned by financial services firm Wiser Capital shows commercial solar is on the up and up.

Survey Says: Solar!

Over 60 percent of the corporate investors who were surveyed said they plan to invest in solar, and are making a priority within the next five years. Another 20 percent said they’ve already invested in solar so far this year, which equals a total of 83 percent of investors expressing “strong interest” in going solar, according to Greentech Media.

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