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How Big and Expensive is a 15kW Solar System?


Find out how much you can save by installing a 15kW solar system

You’ve done some math or maybe you’ve talked to an installer and found that a 15kW solar system installation will cover your electricity needs quite nicely. Great!

But there is one problem. You’re scratching your head, wondering what exactly does 15 kW mean? And even more importantly, how big and expensive is a 15 kW solar system?Continue reading

How Big and Expensive Is a 20 kW Solar System?


First things first, a 20 kW solar installation is BIG!

The average home solar installation in the United States is 5.6 kW, so a 20 kW system is almost 4 times bigger!

If you’re interested in installing a 20 kW solar system, chances are this is a commercial installation or your electricity use is really high compared to the national average of about 900 kilowatt-hours per month. Maybe you live in an area that regularly sees summer temperatures over 100 degrees F and so you have to crank that air conditioning all summer to stay comfortable (AC is one of the biggest users of electricity in our homes!). Or maybe you live in a large house (read: mansion), so you have a lot of lighting and space to air condition. If this is the case, great! You are a prime candidate to go solar. The higher your electricity bill, generally the more you can save by installing a solar system.Continue reading

The Basics of Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation

What you can expect to during the solar panel installation process.

The Site Evaluation

When you’ve committed to getting a solar panel installation, the very first thing your installer will do is perform a detailed site evaluation. Solar panels are not a one-size-fits-all solution – there are many factors that needs to be taken into account when designing a solar system to make sure it meets your needs. The evaluation is intended to answer these questions:

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How to Find a Quality Solar Installer Near You


What’s the best way to find a high-quality solar installer?

Great question. Before you commit to installing solar you want to know you’re working with a quality company.

Like finding any other product or service it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. But there are also a few important factors that can influence your choice of solar installer, most importantly whether you want to pay cash or lease a system. We’ve written about this before here so you may want to take a look before reading this: The Advantages of Paying Cash for Solar Systems.

If you’re looking at a solar leasing offer you may want to go with a big, national, reputable solar company. On the flip side if you’re paying cash it may make sense to go with a smaller but reputable local installer.Continue reading

Cost of Solar Panels Over Time

cost of solar panels

The cost of solar panels continues to drop.

How much do solar panels cost? The truth is that the cost has never been lower. Here’s how the solar drop breaks down throughout the past several decades, why we can expect it to continue to drop even further and what factors do you need to consider before calculating the costs of going solar.

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