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How Much Energy Does the Sun Produce?


To answer the question “How much energy does the sun produce?” we turn to scientists for an answer.

If we want to move away from fossil fuels and to more earth-friendly and renewable sources of energy, we must be sure that any alternatives will provide us with enough energy to meet our needs. But how much energy does the sun produce? And is it enough?
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What are the Benefits of Solar Energy?


Taking a societal look at the benefits of solar energy.

As you can probably imagine, there are many benefits of solar energy. We’ve written about the benefits and drawbacks of solar before in our October 2016 Solar Energy Pros and Cons – Top 10, but in that article we mostly focused on issues important to homeowners going solar – solar panel efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the high upfront cost of solar panels.

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The Basics of Off-Grid Solar


Have you ever considered the freedom and independence of off-grid solar?

Many homeowners see going off-grid with no connection to the utility and the ability to power your own life, as quite romantic.

But what does it really take to go off grid? What does an off-grid solar installation really look like? For most homeowners who are already comfortably connected to their utility and have reliable, fairly cheap electricity, what would the sense be in going off-grid?Continue reading

Solar Sailing: The Future of Space Exploration

solar sailling

We are familiar with solar energy as a form of power to provide electricity here on Earth, but space exploration could also benefit from this free, abundant resource through solar sailing.

Going where no man has gone before has been resonating throughout history more than most of us know. It was Kepler who first made the observation that a comet’s tail always pointed away from the Sun, theorizing that our star was responsible for this effect. Following this, a multitude of scientists and science fiction writers, including Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky and Jules Verne, mentioned solar power as a way to explore the Solar System and other unknown parts of the universe.

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South Africa: The Continent’s First Solar-Powered Airport

south africa seashore

With the launch of a clean energy project, Africa’s first solar-powered airport has opened up in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

This is a first for the continent, following the launch of a solar-powered soccer field in Lagos, Nigeria, also the first of its kind in Africa, thanks to Pavegen– an innovative clean tech company headquartered in London, England.

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Concentrated Solar Power: 7 Mind-Blowing Facts

solar to replace fossil fuels

A new, revolutionary technology has emerged called Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), which intensifies sunlight with hundreds of thousands of mirrors.

The Sun has always been regarded as a powerful heavenly body, taking the form of deities dating all the way back to times of antiquity. It’s no surprise that today, technology has also evolved to conjure the power of our Solar System’s star in the form of solar power. Although we’ve dispensed of Egyptian legends surrounding Râ, the almighty Sun God, humans are now going beyond the simple basics of photovoltaics that convert electricity into solar power using the photovoltaic effect.

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Massive New Power Plant Makes Morocco a Solar Superpower

morocco desert solar

A Moroccan city surrounded by desert is poised to become a new superpower in solar energy, with a massive new solar power plant under construction.

Ouarzazate, a Moroccan city on the edge of the Sahara desert, is no stranger to global attention. Its sweeping desert landscapes and near-year-round sunshine make it the heart of North Africa’s “Ouallywood” film industry, hosting film sets for huge productions like The Mummy, Lawrence of Arabia, and Game of Thrones. Ouarzazate will soon host a different kind of big-budget production: a 9 billion dollar solar power project which, when completed, will occupy as much land as the nation’s capital city, Rabat.

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Turkish Village Fights Off Coal and Goes Solar


 Residents of a small village in Turkey fought back against developers looking to put a coal power plant in their neighborhood, and turned to solar power instead.

On a dark November day in 2014, residents of the remote village of Yirca, Turkey, awoke to find six thousand olive trees, important to the village’s cuisine, culture, and economy, razed to the ground. The trees were flattened in order to make space for a new coal-fired power plant to meet the country’s growing energy needs. The appropriation of the land happened despite residents’ protests: they took shifts protecting the trees until development crews arrived with bulldozers and security personnel, arresting anyone who stood in their way.

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Australia Home Solar Overtakes Wind Power


Australia’s cumulative installed capacity of solar hit 4 GW in 2015, overtaking wind power, which totaled 3.8 GW.

Australia is sited within the “Roaring Fourties” the near constant high winds that whip around the ocean down under near the south pole, circling Antarctica. These predictable winds create the potential for a 40% capacity factor for wind in that path – most of it wasted (from an energy capture point of view – over empty oceans. Some of the steadiest and highest winds on the globe usually cross continental Australia, as you can see in real time, the current winds circling around Antarctica in the Southern hemisphere.

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Why Solar is Surging in 2015

Solar Panels

Civilizations have been harnessing the power of the sun since the 7th Century B.C., when magnifying glasses were used to concentrate the sun’s rays and create fire. 

The modern solar collector was invented by William J. Bailey over a century ago. But in the past 15 years alone, solar power capacity and adoption has seen more leaps and bounds than in the past 2700 years combined. There’s no question that solar power is on the rise. Once regarded as an expensive option for those off the grid, solar power is now well on its way to mainstream adoption, seen everywhere from suburban neighborhoods to the White House. Since 2001, we’ve seen solar power adoption increase by over 700 percent. From 2010 to 2014 alone, U.S. solar capacity has grown by 418 percent—nearly 10 megawatts in just four years.
In reality, the growth we’ve seen is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s explore four reasons why solar is surging in 2015.

Climate Change

In the past 15 years, climate change has gone from a liberal conspiracy to a very tangible problem. The rate of sea level rise over the last decade is double that of the last century. Global temperatures are on the rise. Oceans are warming and ice sheets are shrinking. The evidence is clear.
Carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions are largely to blame for these changes, with the majority of these emissions resulting from burning fossil fuels for energy production. Because of this, finding a renewable energy source has become a top priority in the fight against climate change. Solar power is a very attractive energy alternative. Not only is solar power emission free, it’s extremely sustainable—the sun produces enough energy in one minute to supply the world’s energy needs for one year. As we continue to look for climate change solutions, expect to see solar power investment near the top of the list.

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