Solar Battery Prices Might Surprise You (After Doing the Math)

solar battery price

Batteries add reliability to your solar system, but how much will that peace of mind cost you?

We live in the golden age of battery technology. Thanks to the proliferation of electric vehicles and the resulting push in battery R&D, we’ve come a long way in durability and capacity over the last 15 years. But with all this development, have solar battery prices come down enough to make it worthwhile for most people going solar?

If you’re looking to add some batteries to your solar installation, you’ve got more options than ever before: a host of different lead-acid batteries, several different kinds of lithium batteries, and even nickel iron batteries (a promising, though quite old option which most of us haven’t even heard of yet).Continue reading

Is an AGM Solar Battery the Right Choice For You?

agm solar battery

If you want battery backup for your solar installation, are sealed batteries a good solution?

An AGM solar battery, short for Absorbed Glass Mat, has many benefits over standard ‘flooded’ batteries. Since AGM batteries are a type of lead-acid battery wherein the caustic components inside are completely sealed, users can place them in awkward positions, like on their side, without fear of spilling the acid inside.

And with everything sealed up, users can install them in out-of-the-way areas and don’t have to worry about maintenance either, making them a pretty care-free option.

However, AGM batteries aren’t perfect. With their high cost and unique drawbacks, are they worth the extra dough?

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How Much Do Solar Cars Cost (and Why Put Solar Panels on Cars)?

how much do solar cars cost

Can solar panels help EV’s limited range?

The electric vehicle (EV) and, to a lesser extent, the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) market suffer from what’s known in the industry as range anxiety. EV naysayers typically spout off something like, “How much does that solar car cost?” followed by, “You know you can only go 100 miles on one charge, right? What are you gonna do when you’re stuck on the side of the highway?” Are solar the answer? And how much do solar cars cost?Continue reading

New Porsche SuperChargers Aren’t Free

Unlike Tesla, whose SuperChargers are (mostly) free, Porsche is making owners pay up

For their new all-electric Mission E, Porsche recently announced they’ll be building their own supercharger infrastructure. The super-powerful, 800 volt superchargers will be available at Porsche dealerships across the country and, at that size, offer 250 miles of range in about 15 minutes. That’s twice as powerful as Tesla’s 400 volt SuperChargers, which take about 30 minutes to charge up. To put it mildly, Porsche superchargers are crazy fast.

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Top North Carolina Solar Companies

north carolina solar companies

Need help going solar in North Carolina?

If you live in North Carolina and are thinking about investing in rooftop solar, you are in the right place! In 2016, your state ranked number two for total solar capacity (behind California) by the Solar Energy Industries Association. What’s more, it also ranks in the top ten states for solar jobs. You’ve got a lot of North Carolina solar companies to pick from, so we’ve made a list of the best installers to make your job easier.
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Solar Leasing in Florida Approved for First Time

solar leasing in florida

If you live in the sunshine state, your life just got a little sunnier.

Last month, in a unanimous vote state regulators removed legal barriers to solar leasing in Florida. Now local residents can join in the financing mechanism that allowed the residential solar industry to explode back in the late 2000s and mid-2010s, as reported by Bloomberg.

Thus far, solar leases in Florida have been hampered by a regulation stating that only electric utilities are allowed to sell electricity. Until now, regulators have interpreted solar leases to be a form of electricity selling, which barred solar installers from offering the popular financing mechanism.Continue reading

Solar Panels for Apartments Aren’t Limited to Your Own Roof

solar panels for apartments

No longer is solar – and all its financial benefits – out of reach for apartment renters.

Helping apartment renters to go solar is a huge challenge to the industry, as renters typically don’t have the authority to install solar and property owners can be reluctant to dish out the cash for a solar installation, since they don’t see any financial benefit themselves.

In an effort to alleviate the issue, solar industry researchers and analysts have come up with some great options for solar panels for apartment dwellers. Options now run from new financing mechanisms to completely new forms of ownership that allow a renter to own solar in a remote location – just not on their own roof.

Let’s walk through the different options available to renters looking to install solar.Continue reading

Do Vertical Solar Panels Make Financial Sense?

vertical solar panels Alaska

When all factors are considered, going vertical with your solar panels (probably) won’t pay off.

Installing solar panels vertically, typically on the outside wall of a building, can be an option when roof-top space isn’t available. However, higher installation costs coupled with lower production likely means vertical solar panels will remain a niche market in the solar industry. We’ll explain all that below, and let you know when going vertical might be a viable option.Continue reading

Solar Batteries Lifespan: How Long Will Your Deep-Cycle Last?

solar batteries lifespan

How long do all the different kinds of deep-cycle batteries last?

These days, when most of us are going to make a big purchase, the first thing we all do is go online and research prices. If you’re thinking about adding batteries to your solar installation, you’ve probably already done this.

However, for energy storage at least, that initial purchase price is only half the story. You also need to take into account your solar batteries’ lifespan. After all, if you found a a giant solar battery for $100, but it only lasts 6 months – is it really a good deal?

How long your batteries last, how far you can discharge them, and how to keep them running optimally are all factors to consider before making any decision. If it sounds like a lot, don’t panic! Let’s dive in to all of it now.Continue reading

Where Does Wind Energy Come From?

where does wind energy come from

We’ve been harnessing energy from the wind for a long time, but where’s it come from?

If you live in the northeast or the west, you’ve probably seen lots of homes generating their own electricity with solar panels. If you live on the plains of the Midwest though, you’ve probably seen an equally green electricity generator with a much less visible energy source: wind turbines. Solar panels get their energy from the sun, but where does wind energy come from?Continue reading

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