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Solar power doesn’t have to be complicated.

That’s why we created this website – to make solar easy, straightforward, and to give you the best options available.

So, you’re interested in solar power?

And why wouldn’t you be: residential solar is big, it’s now coming online as cost competitive with other sources of electricity, and your solar panel savings could be enormous.

Which begs the question: why haven’t you already installed solar panels?


A few things to consider about solar:

The cost of solar panels has plummeted 70% in the last 5 years. Even without major advances in solar panel output, solar has become a cost competitive energy source.

Powering your home with solar is now cost competitive with energy produced from your coal-powered utility. The cost of solar energy is already cost competitive in Utah, which is about the last place in the USA we’d expect this to happen (besides Wyoming).

Numerous options now exist to pay for solar panels including $0-down leases, innovative solar loan options, as well as cash purchasing. You can now afford to put solar panels on your roof, with the punch-line that it’s the only home improvement that pays for itself.

Hate paying your utility bill?

Great, go solar.

Want to power your home from clean, non-polluting sources of energy?

Great, get solar panels.

Want to help create a more robust, distributed energy grid to power the future of the USA?

Great, let’s march down the road to solar.

At the very least, we’d encourage everyone to get a solar estimate and discuss some options with a solar installer. You may be in an excellent solar market and just not know it.

 Let’s get started.