Hawaii Solar Companies – The Complete List

hawaii solar

There are more solar companies in Hawaii than almost anywhere.

In just the first 6 months of 2012, over 114 solar companies applied for 5,000 solar permits in Hawaii, and the state ranks 7th in the nation for installed solar capacity.

And for good reason: Hawaii has now become the first state to achieve grid parity for solar photovoltaics. Grid parity means that the cost of renewable energy is less than or equal to the power produced by conventional sources. In lay-man’s terms this means that installing solar on your home pays for itself really quickly in Hawaii.

We’ll say it again to be clear: producing solar energy in Hawaii is the same price or cheaper then other, dirtier sources of electricity.. This situation has led to the boom of solar companies in Hawaii as more and more people are looking for regular supply of low-cost clean energy. The ever-increasing cost of conventional energy means the market for Hawaiian solar isn’t going anywhere.

How do you find a good solar company in Hawaii?

We’ve listed all the installers in Hawaii that we know about (please let us know if we’ve missed something) along with some tips for finding a good solar company. When there are hundreds of solar companies around already, how do you choose a right one that fit your needs?

Additional resources for finding solar installers in Hawaii:

  1. Yelp Hawaii Solar Company Listings – Yelp, as always, is a great source for reviews and information. We wouldn’t recommend taking this as the definitive answer, but you can learn a lot from the reviews here. One thing to keep in mind: Unhappy customers tend to seek out forums like Yelp to voice complaints. Satisfied customers usually don’t.
  2. Hawaii Solar Energy Association members – The HSEA is the primary industry group promoting solar energy in Hawaii and members here may be more reputable/well established.
  3. Better Business Bureau Solar Energy Company Rankings – Although the BBB is a paid service (members pay to be included) you can find a great deal of information about solar companies here, including the BBB’s own ranking.
  4. Word of Mouth – We don’t have a link for this one, but by now you must know someone who went solar. Ask them how it went! This is probably the best way to learn about a solar installer and may answer questions you never would have thought to ask.Most people who spend a lot of money on something are excited to talk about it. Ask your neighbors who their solar installer was, what you should know about finding an installer (and if they recommend the same company to do the job), and other things you should know.

List of Solar Companies in Hawaii (under construction):

21st Century TechnologiesHonoluluA+N/A808 373-4559
Affordable Solar ContractingWahaiwaA+N/A808-622-1255
Aloha Plumbing & Solar ServiceHonoluluA+N/A808 676-0757
Alternate EnergyHonoluluA+4.0 Stars808-842-5853
American ElectricHonoluluA+N/A808 848-0751
Bonterra SolarHonoluluA-3.0 Stars808 548-7657
Brown’s Plumbing & SolarHonoluluA+0 Star808 216-5596
C&J Solar SolutionsKaneoheA+1.0 Star808 247-8064
Dakmi SolarKaneoheA+1.0 Star808 845-6601
Distributed Energy Partners (DEP)HonoluluA+N/A808-748-8888
Energy One Plus, LLCHonoluluA+N/A808 847-3959
Eco Resources LLCPukalaniA-N/A808 572-0598
Energy IndustriesHonoluluA+N/A877 839-7305
Giant SolarWaipahuA+N/A808 375-6544
Green Team OrganizationHanapepeA+N/A808 240-0460
Green Power Projects LLCHaleiwaA+N/A808-447-9742
GREEN VISION LLCKaneoheA+N/A808 236-1110
GSI Solar LTDHonoluluA+N/A808 845-5881
Haleakala SolarHonoluluA+5.0 Stars808-955-0050
Hawaii SolarKapoleiA-N/A808 682-2041
Hawaiian EnergyHonoluluA+N/A808 927-2169
Hawaiian Island SolarKailuaA-3.0 Stars808 261 9740
HIEVMakawaoA+N/A808 870-5302
HiwindpowerMakawaoA+N/A808 573-1755
Hoku SolarPocatelloA+N/A208.235.6000
Honeywell Utility SolutionsHonoluluA+N/A808 591-6705
Island Pacific EnergyHonoluluA+5.0 Stars808-377-4570
Island Solar ServiceA+5.0 Stars
Kona Solar Service, LLCA+N/A808-557-3756
Lumen SolarHonoluluA-N/A
Maui Koa SolarA+N/A
Maui Pacific SolarPuuneneA+N/A808 280-6627
Maui Solar ProjectKiheiA+N/A808.269.2352
Mercury SolarPort ChesterA+1.0 Star914-637-9700
Nohoana Solar TechnologiesWailukuA+N/A888.923.1110
PhotonworksHonoluluA-5.0 Stars808.951.4100
Poncho’s SolarA+2.0 Stars
REC SolarA+N/A
RevolusunA-2.0 Stars808.419.7352
Rising Sun SolarHaikuA+N/A808 575-2202
R&R Solar SupplyHonoluluA+N/A808 842 0011
Save on SolarA-N/A
Saving Oahu’s SolarA+N/A
Solar CityMililaniA+3.5 Stars888 765-2489
Solar Engineering & ContractingA+N/A808 842-7110
Solar Services HawaiiA-3.5 Stars
SopogyHonoluluA+N/A808 237-2401
Sun KingA-N/A808-214-1487
Sun Energy SolutionsA-N/A
Stan’s Electrical Service LLCA+N/A518 654-9649
SunetricKailuaA+3.0 Stars808 242-2722
The Plumbing Contractors & Solar ProfessionalsA+N/A