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How to Make a DIY Battery Bank for Your Solar Panels


Thinking about installing batteries to go with your solar panels? No matter if it’s an off-grid mountain cabin or a battery back-up for your grid-connected homes, the basic process for planning designing your own DIY battery bank is fairly straightforward, but can be a bit confusing your first time around.

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Why are Solar Panels Inefficient?

solar inefficient

Inefficiency is widely misunderstood by the layman. Here’s a test of your understanding:

Out of two 250 watt solar panels, one with 15% efficiency, and one with 20% efficiency, which one puts out the most power?

Answer: They both work just the same: they both put out the same identical power; 250 watts.

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How to go Solar as a Small Business?

solar small business

Maybe your business isn’t Apple, Walmart or Google, but solar isn’t just a big benefit for big businesses.

Even a small business is able to leverage the advantages that going solar brings from lower bills to fonder customers – who doesn’t love a green business?

For a business that owns its own building going solar is clear sailing, with several provisos.

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A Communal Solar Fridge for Nigerian Farmers Markets

A Nigerian farmer, frustrated by how fruit and vegetables were wasted at market, has bypassed the grid with this communal solar fridge for farmers to share.

A Nigerian farmer, entrepreneur and radio presenter; Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu had personally experienced how much fruits and vegetables were being wasted because of the lack of electric power in developing nations for cold storage, both from the moment they are picked, but also en route to market, and also sitting all day in the sun once at the market.

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Plug In DIY Solar Panel Kit

plug in solar panels

Enter the plug-in solar panel. Plugged Solar offers an innovative solution: plug in DIY solar panels.

When you think of solar installations, you probably think of a crew of construction workers hammering away at your roof to install the right number of solar panels at the right angle. And that image can make you think of the costs of solar installation, along with the research, time, budgeting, and so on it will take to install those panels. While all those steps are extremely worthwhile, as you’ll be saving tons of money on utility bills while cutting down your greenhouse gas emissions, it can also sound like too much money or effort for some people.
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