What are the Top Solar Companies in CT (2024)?

solar companies in ct

For great solar installers in Connecticut, look no further!

If you’re looking for a great solar installer in the Constitution State, you’re in luck! Today, we list five of the best solar companies in CT to help narrow down your search. Obviously, these companies aren’t the only installers working in the state, but you’re sure to have a great experience installing solar with any of the installers we’ve selected.

Each of our choices below enjoy excellent reviews from customers and offer something unique in the solar industry, from solar batteries to carport installations and/or unique financing options.

Check out the following installers to see what the Connecticut solar industry has to offer. Review information was taken in December 2017.

PurePoint Energy

Founded in 2007

Score: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 22 reviews (SolarReviews.com, of which PurePoint is a member and supporter)

Financing: cash, loan (presumably, as leases are not mentioned anywhere on their website)

Based in Norwalk, PurePoint Energy installs residential solar in Fairfield County, New Haven County, and parts of Litchfield County. They also install commercial and agricultural systems across the state.

Purepoint makes our list thanks to their unique variety of equipment and services. They are a Sunpower Elite Dealer, so if you’re looking to install these premium panels, certainly add PurePoint Energy to your shortlist. They install solar on roofs and carports and in addition, they install electric vehicle chargers.

Customers love PurePoint’s equipment and honest sales staff. Here’s an excerpt from a review from John on SolarReviews, after receiving quotes from 3 different companies:

“When I really got into the nuts and bolts, all three were very competitive and was looking like it might be a coin toss. Pure Point won because of panel efficiency, warranty and output capacity as well as [salesperson] making us comfortable doing business with Pure Point. I also feel they did a better job sizing the system to our needs…

Everyone that I have come in contact with has been a pleasure to work with. [Installer] and the installation crew were willing to work with our schedule and availability. [Salesperson] has been very supportive to all my calls and e-mails with questions. Always returning calls and being very responsive to e-mail.”

Bottom Line: While not rock-bottom prices, PurePoint delivers with a nice variety of services and great customer service.

Aegis Solar Energy

Founded in 1989

Score: 4.71 out of 5 stars, based on 24 reviews (SolarReviews.com, of which Aegis is a member)

Financing: cash, loan (presumably)

Founded in 1989, Aegis Solar is the oldest solar installer on our list – and that’s a good thing. With solar a long-term investment – upwards of 25 years – you need to know your installer is going to be there for the long haul.

Aegis installs solar systems, solar hot water, solar pool heaters, and commercial solar systems.

According to their website, Aegis guarantees your installation’s energy production for the life of your system – unheard when financed through cash or loan – but they don’t specify how it works or how long it lasts. National solar installers like Sunrun guarantee production for leased installations, providing compensation at your utility’s per-kWh rate for any missing production. We’re not sure what Aegis’ system is, but something comparable would be great.

Customers praise Aegis’ professionalism, quick turnaround, and low prices. Here’s Brian praising the company for his easy installation:

“I received multiple quotes and compared to the other big national installers they had the best price and equipment. [Name removed] my salesman was excellent and explained everything upfront very well. They provided a very detailed and easy to understand quote within a day or two. The national installers were some of the most high pressure salespeople I have ever encountered and provided nothing upfront on paper. I experienced the complete opposite with [salesperson] and Aegis…. The final install was excellent quality. I have a building trade background and they did an excellent job properly attaching the panels to my roof and running all the wiring.”

Bottom Line: With Aegis’ long history in the solar industry and their great reviews, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands.

EcoSmart Home Services

Founded in 1985 (in the home improvement industry)

Score: 4.95 out of 5 stars, based on 22 reviews (SolarReviews.com, of which EcoSmart is a supporter and member)

Financing: cash, loan

EcoSmart is the energy audit and solar branch of R. Pelton Builders, a larger company operating in the state. Unlike the other installers on our list that focus exclusively on solar, EcoSmart installs solar as well as insulation, air sealing, HVAC upgrades, and a host of other measures designed to lower your energy use.

Efficiency upgrades like these are almost always cheaper than installing solar and they’re a great ‘pre-step’ before going ahead with solar energy. Think of it this way: the less energy you consume, the fewer solar panels you need and the less money you’ll have to spend.

With EcoSmart, you can tackle all of this with one company. In fact, EcoSmart works with Eversource and UI to offer free efficiency services to income-eligible residents.

Customers love EcoSmart’s knowledgeable and friendly staff – including sales people – and clean installations. Here’s a reviewer praising the company:

“EcoSmart’s sales consultant [name removed] was much more informative than the other two companies [we contacted] and provided the lowest quote by several thousands of dollars! On installation day the company owner [name removed] showed up on our door step. As a design-builder, I was very impressed. He was here for the entire project as a worker bee – he installed the panels while the crew assisted. He was here helping the electrician. He really wanted us to be satisfied! The crew was excellent also. We could not be happier with the installation and their desire to please us!”

Bottom Line: If you really want to save money, EcoSmart offers both solar and efficiency upgrades to lower your energy use as much as possible. Great service and low prices are icing on the cake.

Earthlight Solar and Energy Solutions

Founded in 2008

Score: 4.73 out of 5 stars, based on 11 reviews (SolarReviews.com, of which Earthlight is a supporter and member)

Financing: cash, loan, lease

Founded in 2008 as a retailer for efficient lighting, Earthlight now installs solar systems for residential and commercial customers. Unlike most of the other installers on our list, Earthlight offers solar leases as well as cash and loan financing.

They work throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Oregon and install premium Sunpower panels, as well as more common ‘standard’ varieties. On top of this, they also install energy storage specifically, the Powerwall-rival sonnenBatterie.

Customers consistently praise Earthlight for their excellent customer experience and integrity. Here’s a reviewer praising the company for honoring costly promises the salesperson made, which many larger installers simply would not do (or only agree to reluctantly):

“Earthlight was respectful, timely and willing to make adjustments to the installation based upon agreements made with the sales personnel. They did this in spite of the reality that it would cost them more time and material as they honored the original agreement. We were impressed with this and are very satisfied with the appearance as well as the functioning of the system”

Bottom Line: If you want to install solar with a local Connecticut company, but want to finance with a lease, Earthlight steps up to the plate. And they get bonus points for energy storage!

Ross Solar

Founded in 2007

Score: 4.85 out of 5 stars, based on 48 reviews (SolarReviews.com, of which they are a supporter)

Financing: cash, loan, lease

Ross Solar was founded in 2007 and purchased 10 years later by ConEd as part of their non-regulated branch, Consolidated Edison Solutions. Ross Solar works in Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts.

You might think that a company large enough to be bought out by one of the country’s biggest utilities would probably skimp on customer service, but you’d be dead wrong. Ross Solar enjoys fantastic reviews from customers.

Homeowners say that Ross Solar is speedy in their installation, knowledgeable and communicative, and extremely helpful during the entire process (including after the installation is complete). Here’s one reviewer describing her experience:

“Ross Solar did a great job with our solar installation. Very neat work, and the whole team was good to deal with from beginning to end. They were also responsive and helpful with follow up support questions. Overall the system they installed is working very well.”

Like Earthlight, Ross Solar supports all financing types, including cash, loan, and lease – another bonus for those looking to lease with a local installer.

Bottom Line: While now a subsidiary of a huge energy company not well-known for their excellent service, Ross Solar has consistently wowed homeowners with their easy installations and great service.

One last thing about solar companies in CT

And there you go, five of the best solar companies in CT. Again, these aren’t the only installers working in the state, so if one of our choices didn’t catch your eye, do some research on your own! Search online or ask your friends and family for recommendations to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Of course, don’t just settle on the first installer that comes to your house. The best way to secure a great deal and excellent service is to talk to, and request quotes from, multiple installers. Hopefully, with our list above, we’ve set you on a good path!

Did we miss a great company in your area, or do you have experience working with one of the installers on our list? Let us know in the comments!

Photo Credits under CC license via Flicker – 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and sonnenBatterie presskit – 5.

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