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Where Does Wind Energy Come From?

where does wind energy come from

We’ve been harnessing energy from the wind for a long time, but where’s it come from?

If you live in the northeast or the west, you’ve probably seen lots of homes generating their own electricity with solar panels. If you live on the plains of the Midwest though, you’ve probably seen an equally green electricity generator with a much less visible energy source: wind turbines. Solar panels get their energy from the sun, but where does wind energy come from?Continue reading

2017 Chevy Bolt: Tesla’s Newest Competitor

chevy bolt

The new Bolt is an affordable EV with great mileage.

General Motors has released its first mass-market fully electric vehicle and sales are picking up steam. The Chevy Bolt, named Motor Trend’s 2017 Car of the Year, is giving electric vehicle heavyweights like Tesla a run for their money. The Bolt is the first economically-priced EV offering more than 200 miles of range in the United States.

We’ll take a closer look at all of the features that GM’s newest model has to offer, and see how it stacks up against competitors in an ever-increasingly hot market of electric cars. Continue reading

The 2018 Nissan LEAF: Everything You Need to Know

2018 nissan leaf

A rundown of Nissan’s newest LEAF model

The Nissan LEAF is the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, and the latest model — with its brand new design and popular features — hit the market in September. The company is famous for bringing EVs to the mass market, but as the industry continues to expand Nissan has to fight to keep its competitive edge. Let’s take a look at the 2018 Nissan LEAF and how it stacks up against its electric competitors.Continue reading

How to Stop Global Warming – Ways We Can All Help


Practical tips for all of us to reduce climate change

To figure out how to stop global warming, we need to focus less on a singular solution and more on ways that every person can contribute to a better planet. However, many of us are unsure what we can do on a daily basis to make things better. Sure, we can be more energy conscious, recycle our soda cans and cardboard, and drive our cars around less. But is that it? What else can we do to reduce climate change?Continue reading

Air Pollution: The Impact of Fossil Fuels vs Solar


Solar does contribute to air pollution, but its emission-free electricity production negates the manufacturing process

Pollution has been around in one shape or another for as long as humans have been walking upright and building fires. Although those early campfires were unlikely to cause any real air pollution or lasting threat to the health of the planet, things have only gotten worse.

If we take a look back through history, people have long recognized air pollution as a serious threat that can shorten the lives of people around the world because they are breathing in harmful chemicals and particulates.

Continue reading

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of a Hybrid Car?

advantage and disadvantage of hybrid car

Is a car that draws power from two sources the best of both worlds?

As state and federal laws tighten on carbon emissions and the greater public becomes increasingly focused on reducing pollution and decreasing energy dependence, hybrid cars have made a big splash in the US car market. Auto manufacturers have responded to the increased demand, and new models are being released each year. But to a prospective owner, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid car?

Is it all good news with hybrids, or are there downsides to these vehicles as well? What is the difference between a hybrid car and an electric car? I’ll cover all the major aspects of these vehicles with an objective lens, breaking down the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars.Continue reading

The Rundown on 2017 Electric Car Costs


Comparing the range and cost of EVs currently available

Electric vehicles (EVs) were once an oddity on the roads, but now we see them drive by with regular frequency. The numbers confirm this: sales of EVs are on the rise, jumping 37% from 2015 to 2016 in the US. If you are keen to hop on the bandwagon, your first question may be, “What does an electric car cost?”

We’ve got the the answer to that question and more. Outlined below is a rundown on all the EVs available in 2017, highlighting each car’s availability, maximum range, and efficiency, with a focus on electric car costs and value.

There’s a wide range of options to choose from, as EVs run the gamut from a low of $23,000 to upwards of $140,000 for higher end Teslas. Most, though, sit comfortably between $30k and $40k.

Of course, you generally get what you pay for. As your costs increase, you get more pampering, greater range, and better get-up-and-go.Continue reading

Roadmap to Renewability – What 100% Renewable Could Really Look Like


How to achieve the ultimate dream of a world powered by 100% renewable energy

Over the last few years, a research team from Stanford University has published several articles detailing what our world would look like with 100% renewable energy and how we could get there. They call it a ‘roadmap’ to renewability.Continue reading

How Much is a Tesla? We’ve Got All the Answers


If you are keen on going green, but still want to drive in luxury, what’s the impact on your wallet?

Tesla’s cars have been all the rage the past few years, as they’ve matched energy efficiency with elegance and charm. But just how much is a Tesla? Are there any financial incentives out there for buying an electric vehicle (EV)? Is it really worth the investment? Let’s take a closer look at how much a brand new Tesla would set us back.

As of July 2017, Tesla officially has 3 cars on the market, the Tesla Model S, the Tesla Model X, and the Tesla Model 3. We will break down the costs of each one separately, using only 2017 models to maintain a fair comparison.Continue reading

Geothermal Energy Costs – Breaking Down its True Price


Generating usable energy from geothermal sources is very cost-effective

When we hear people talk about renewable energy, solar and wind power are usually the first couple sources that come to mind. But what about the others? In this article, we will focus on geothermal energy costs. Geothermal is a renewable energy source with very high potential that, in our opinion, is underrated for its generation of both electricity and heating/cooling energy. 

Continue reading

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