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How Big and Expensive Is a 12 kW Solar System?


Interested in installing a 12 kW Solar System, but not quite sure what 12 kW actually means?

First things first, kilowatts (kW) is a measure of an installation’s size. Basically, kW is a measure of how much electricity the solar installation can produce in a single instant. The average residential solar installation in the US is 5.6 kW, so a 12 kW solar system is over 2x bigger than the national average! However, 12 kW is by no means the biggest solar system homeowners install (check out our article on 20 kW to read about even bigger solar installations!).

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What Is Bad About Solar Energy?


There’s always a flip side: What is bad about solar energy?

We all know the good parts about solar energy: financial savings, cleaner energy, and little more independence from your utility to name a few. With all these positives, this might leave you wondering what is bad about solar energy? For the most part, solar energy is a win-win for all involved – you save money and the environment is happier- but there are two sides to every coin.

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Solar Panels for an Average Home: How Much?


If you’re thinking about solar panels for the home, here is what you need to know:

Before even contemplating installing solar panels for your home, one of the first things that homeowners often want to know is how much an average solar installation costs. It’s a very normal question, and you can read on for that average cost, but there is one caveat. There are so many factors that can affect an installation’s total cost that spouting off an average is not helpful – unless your home matches that average exactly, which is highly unlikely.

The best way to understand the cost of going solar is to speak with installers and get personalized quotes based on your own energy use, home size, and location.Continue reading

How to Ensure the Most Affordable Solar Installation

affordable solar

How to find the most affordable solar possible.

Just like purchasing a car or a home, solar is an investment.

In fact, besides cars and houses, solar is one of the more expensive investments you can make. It’s a long term investment and homeowners spend thousands of dollars paying off the installation over its 20 year expected life. However, the thousands of dollars in financial savings that homeowners can see, more than make up for these costs. Like any good investment though, you need to make sure that you are getting the most affordable solar and the best bang for your buck to increase your financial savings as much as possible.

The single most important tool to ensure you’re getting the most affordable installation? Knowledge.Continue reading

What Are the Best Solar Panels?

Best Solar Panels

How do you choose the Best Solar Panels for your situation?

When thinking about what components make the best solar installation, every homeowner’s situation is different. Finances, location, and personal values all play a role in deciding which is the best solar panels for you. We’ve decided to choose a best solar panel for common situations that come up when looking to install solar.

Some prefer the cheapest solar panel, while others insist their panels must be American-made. Or some people live in areas with heavy snow. It is misleading to think that a single type of solar panel work in all situations.

Any solar installation company will have different panel options which they should discuss with you, to help you choose wisely based on your situation and current availability.Continue reading

Solar Energy Pros and Cons – Top 10

We’ve heard the solar energy pros and cons from both sides:

It’s a money-saving investment!

Some say...


It’s expensive!

Others say...

It’s beautiful because there are no emissions!

Some say...

It’s ugly!

Others say...

While all of these thoughts are valid, they are fairly general statements. As always, the devil is in the details.

Today, we list out 10 of the major pros and cons of solar energy that people often cite and look a little deeper into each one to see if the pros stand up under scrutiny and the cons truly are valid.
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Photovoltaic Effect: A historical overview

photovoltaic effect

The photovoltaic effect turns light into electricity, instantly, as if by magic. There is no machinery, no power block, no turbines, unlike all other techniques for creating electricity.

This magic happens within a sheet of material that looks to the naked eye just as inert as any other material object.

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Net Metering: A Comprehensive Guide

net metering

Net metering is the policy that enables a homeowner to be credited by their utility when they generate more electricity from a solar array than they use.

You would think that those who go solar would be celebrated as heroes – because if everyone who could go solar did go solar, we’d all have a lot better shot at a livable climate. But instead, a nasty campaign of rumor-mongering is trying to take these true heroes down.

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Top Four Dumbest Reasons to Put Off Going Solar

four reasons to go solar

Anyone who works in the solar biz will attest to the fact that we humans are pretty good at procrastinating. But some of the reasons that people give to put off going solar are based on an incorrect assumption.

Here are the top 4 common mistakes in understanding solar, and why these errors should not hinder you from enjoying clean solar energy.

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