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Wiring Solar Panels in Series vs Parallel: Which Is Better?


Understand the difference between wiring your solar panels in series vs parallel.

You want your solar panels to deliver the maximum amount of energy possible, right? But did you know how your solar panels are connected within the electrical wiring of your house makes a difference in how well they work? Connecting your solar panel in series vs parallel affects current flow and is dictated by your installation’s setup.

Warning: Science below! While we’re not going to get too deep into the details, the difference between connecting solar panels in series vs in parallel is an intermediate level solar discussion. If you’re looking for something a bit more on the beginner level, check out our articles How Do Solar Panels Work? and Everything You Need to Know About Solar Inverter Types.

OK, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, we’re ready!

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The “Tesla Off Grid Generator” Scam vs Elon Musk’s Powerwall


Is the Tesla Off Grid Generator legitimate or a scam?

Nikola Tesla was a famous engineer and inventor best known for his contributions to electricity supply systems. Many have tried to imitate his greatness but few have succeeded. How can you tell if machines currently on the market that bear Tesla’s name, such as the Tesla “Off Grid Generator”, are fact or fiction?

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Vermont Solar – Everything You Need To Know


Information about Solar Panels in Vermont

Vermont may be the second-least-populous state in the Union, but the people that do live there are clearly interested in producing energy from renewable sources and making renewable energy the norm in Vermont.

Whether it be hydroelectric, wind, or solar, it's easy to see the dedication of its citizens and government to help protect the environment and provide affordable electricity to boot!

On an individual level, the federal tax credit coupled with some excellent potential performance payments means that you'll be able to enjoy a quick payoff for your solar system and start enjoying tidy profits in short order.

Read on to discover how you stand to save quite a bit of money by going solar in Vermont, all while protecting the environment at the same time!

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Zero Down Solar: Is It Worth It?


Financing zero down solar may seem like a great deal, but is it wise?

Zero down solar is simply financing your solar installation so that you (the homeowner) can avoid paying any cash upfront. With an average-sized 5kW solar installation costing around $15k, avoiding that huge payment seems like a great idea, right?

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How Big and Expensive Is a 3 kW Solar System?


Thinking about installing a 3kW solar system?

If you are not quite sure exactly how big that is, let alone how much it’s going to cost you, we’ve got you covered! Below, we lay out exactly how big a 3kW solar system is, looking at how much electricity it can produce as well as how many panels you’d need. We also take a look at the costs of a 3kW solar system and – most importantly – how much you can save.Continue reading

How Big and Expensive Is a 7kW Solar System?


Find out how much a 7kW solar system installation can save you.

A 7kW solar system is a medium-to-large sized system that covers close to 100% of the average home’s energy use, depending on the location. But what exactly is a 7kW solar system, how much does it cost, and how much can you save by installing one on your home? Read on to find out!

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Nevada Solar – Everything You Need to Know


Information about Solar Panels in Nevada

Nevada solar has had a rocky road over the last few years, due to serious net metering changes and ensuing controversies, resulting in the solar industry going dormant and big solar installers leaving the state.

That’s not the whole story though – there’s a glimmer of sunshine through the clouds. With the state beginning the process of reintroducing net metering in June 2017, the solar industry is poised to explode once again.

If you want to jump on the bandwagon, but don’t know where to start, read on for info on the current status of net metering in Nevada as well as other info on relevant policies, incentives, and savings estimates.

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How Many Watts Does a TV Use? You Might Be Surprised


If energy efficiency is your focus, we show you how many watts a TV uses.

How many watts does a TV use? With today’s high-efficiency models, the answer is surprisingly low (though of course, it depends on your TV). Take a look below for the answer, as well as tips on how to find your own TV’s wattage, and how many solar panels it would take to power your TV throughout the year.Continue reading

Washington Solar – Everything You Need to Know


Information about Solar Panels in Washington state

Installing solar in Washington is unlike any other state. With the lowest electricity prices in the country, homeowners interested in installing solar will need to choose their financing carefully to ensure they come out ahead. Thankfully, we’ve got all the information you need for Washington Solar!

Take a look below at savings estimates for both cash purchase and loans, as well as information on solar policy and available incentives.

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