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Rhode Island Solar – Everything You Need to Know


Information about Solar Panels in Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the Union, but there are some very big reasons why Rhode Island solar can be a big hit for you. Between the grant program, federal tax credit, and some absolutely insane performance payments offered in the state, there is more than enough here to make a strong financial argument for getting over the pre-solar jitters. The performance payments alone can total around $5,000 in savings over time! It is clear that the state government strongly endorses both current and future solar in the state, and Rhode Island homeowners enjoy some of the highest solar savings in the country!

Read on to find out more about how you could save a lot of money while positively impacting the environment at the same time!

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What are Common Problems with SolarCity?


Are There Problems with SolarCity?

SolarCity – more than other solar installer – instills polarized opinions from anyone and everyone who knows a little about the solar industry. Some would put absolute trust in SolarCity (most likely because Mr. Tesla is so heavily involved) while others wouldn’t come close with a 50 foot pole. In fact, some have been saying bailout is a more appropriate label for Tesla’s recent buyout of the still-not-yet-profitable solar installer (though to be fair, unprofitability is common for large national solar companies). With that said, what are the problems with SolarCity?

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Is a SolarCity Bond a Smart Investment?


With a three year track record, is a SolarCity bond a worthwhile investment?

Since 2014, SolarCity has offered bonds once a year to continue financing their operations and projects. This allows individual investors (i.e., you) to invest in this environmentally-friendly company and reap the financial benefits of bond ownership. But are SolarCity bonds a smart investment? In short, a SolarCity bond could be – if purchased wisely.

Below, we look at what bonds are, why SolarCity offers them, and whether you should purchase their bonds or not.

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Are Solar Panels Worth It?


Thinking about going solar but unsure if solar panels are worth it?

If the the concept of solar panels appeals to you: reducing utility bills, improving home value, and helping the environment – you may still struggle with making the final decision to invest. You want to be sure that any money you put into solar energy will be worth it.

We’ve tried to answer some of the questions you probably have below.
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Can Money Be Saved by Using Solar Panels for Swimming Pools?


A Realistic Cost Analysis of Running Your Swimming Pool Pump with Solar Panels

If you’re a swimming pool owner or considering becoming one, there’s a good chance you’re concerned about the energy costs involved. It’s also likely that you’re wondering whether solar panels for swimming pools are a viable investment for reducing those costs.

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Is Solar Energy Expensive?


Is Solar Energy expensive or is it practical, sensible and a wise investment?

Making an investment in your home can be a tough decision to make – especially regarding unfamiliar subjects like solar. Homeowners have a lot of questions about the type of panels needed, the quantity, and the installation process. But the most frequent questions we hear are: “Is solar energy expensive”, “Is it worth the money” and “Can I afford it?”.

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Solar Energy Pros and Cons – Top 10


We’ve heard the solar energy pros and cons from both sides:

One side says “It’s expensive!” The other says “It’s a money-saving investment!”

One says “It’s ugly!” Another says “It’s beautiful because there are no emissions!”

While all of these thoughts are valid, they are fairly general statements. As always, the devil is in the details.

Today, we list out 10 of the major pros and cons of solar energy that people often cite and look a little deeper into each one to see if the pros stand up under scrutiny and the cons truly are valid.

One very important point: these pros and cons of solar power are for solar, right now. The cons listed here may go away with something like Tesla’s solar roof.

Pro #1: Solar is a Cost-Effective Investment


While this image is a little out of date (and we are not investment advisors), it gets the general point across: solar is a great investment.

While solar installations do require a high upfront cost (see con #4), solar owners can recoup their investments in as little as 7 years, depending on the size of the installation, utility rates, and available financial incentives, and homeowners in many states see a better return on investment than the S&P 500!Continue reading

What are the Best Solar Energy Stocks?


Interested in investing in solar energy stocks but you don’t if it’s a wise move?

How could an industry that is built on saving millions of homeowners thousands of dollars each not be a smart, successful investment?* While this statement is certainly true, as of fall 2016 stock prices for solar financing and installation companies are currently trading in the single digits. What is going on?

* Note that we are not financial advisors and this post is for entertainment purposes only!

The Solar Industry is Big Business that’s Growing Fast

Over the last 10 years, the solar industry has seen a veritable explosion, with year-over-year growth around 60% (compared to the average utility’s 13.4% annually increase in revenue from 2010-2015).  Large national solar companies that offer power purchase agreements (PPAs) and leases have been able to secure huge financing deals to cover these agreements, in which the solar companies recoup their initial investments in small monthly increments over the course of customers’ 20 year agreement.

In addition, the average price of solar panels has decreased a whopping 70% in that same time, further reducing total installation costs, leading to more and more homeowners making the decision to install solar.Continue reading

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