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Tribal Lands Adopting Solar Energy in Innovative Ways


In the last 10 years, hundreds of tribal groups across the US have adopted renewable energy like solar and wind as a way to serve their community needs better.

The type and size of the solar installation depends on the needs and goals of each community. Each group has adopted it in unique ways, from large utility-scale projects where the tribe leases land to a developer, to small solar-plus-storage systems designed to provide electricity to rural homes that are too distant to connect to the electric grid.

Reasons and goals vary among tribes. Some desire greater independence from the utility, while others want to set a higher standard of living for local residents through greater financial independence. Others want to bring electricity to rural households. But one goal is shared: to adopt an energy source that offers clean, renewable electricity.Continue reading

Why Climate Denier WattsUpWithThat Went Solar

climate denier

How – and more importantly why – some blogger has decided to go solar might not be of great interest, after all, lots of people have gone solar now. But this is not just any blogger.

Anthony Watt’s blog WattsUpWithThat is one of the most influential sources for climate denial hysteria out there.

The WattsUpWithThat argument against climate change tends to be of the “oh, the hypocrisy” variety of climate change denial. You know the kind of thing: “Fat Al Gore flies in airplanes; so climate change is a hoax.”

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What Is a Power Purchase Agreement?

power purchase agreement

As those utility bills keep continuing to climb, you know you need a way to get them under control. I began the process of learning about Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for that very reason.

  • What is a Power Purchase Agreement?
  • Are you interested in adding solar panels to your home or business, but lack the upfront capital to do so?
  • Do you want to start saving money on power from day one, instead of waiting for the system to, “pay for itself”?
  • Do you want to stop feeling guilty about how using power in your home is affecting the environment?
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End of Fossil Energy? Oil Stocks Crash: Solar Stocks Gain

stock exchange solar

Sustainable stocks up 166.6%, fossil fuel stocks down 36.23%

LJ Furman, MBA, who writes about economics and policy at Popular Logistics, has done a comparison of stock market gains and losses comparing the top fossil energy companies stock prices, with the stock prices of near-random group of sustainable companies over the last three years till December 2015.

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Rethinking Natural Gas in the Wake of California’s Disaster

natural gas

Coal has long been demonized as the worst fossil fuel, and it deserves its ill-repute. But really, is natural gas much better?

In the worst environmental disaster since the BP oil spill, California has been spewing methane from an underground reservoir since October

In October, SoCalGas discovered that gas was leaking from its Aliso Canyon storage facility which was about 90% full. As of January 1st, 73,000 metric tons of methane have been released. The well won’t be capped till April.

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Australia’s Capital Canberra to go 100% Renewable by 2050

Regardless of which party is in power next in Australia, the seat of national government – the nation’s capital city of Canberra – is going 100% renewable.

The ACT government’s plans; the most ambitious in Australia, are to completely divest from fossil fuels and fully decarbonise the territory’s electricity system.

Canberra’s ambitious 100% renewable plan has very high support from Australians, according to researcher and campaigner Tom Swann.

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