What Are the Top Solar Companies in Sacramento, CA?


Want to join the solar revolution in Sacramento? Start with the great local installers below!

With so many great solar companies in Sacramento, CA, it’s certainly hard to narrow down your list! With solar so popular in California, solar installers are seemingly everywhere. Of course people are turning to solar for good reason. Sacramento enjoys lots of sunshine and the state is very pro-solar!

Because solar is so abundant in the area, there are a lot of installers to pick from. How do you decide which company to work with? How do you even narrow down your top choices? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’re here to help!

We’ve chosen 5 Sacramento installers who provide great service and unique offerings. Want to install battery storage along with solar? How does a guaranteed 30-day installation sound? Looking for a local company that offers leases? We’ve got it all below!

Keep in mind, these assuredly are NOT the only good solar installers in the Sacramento area. We narrowed down our search to just five for this post, but we found many others that also enjoyed great customer reviews as well. Don’t consider this a ‘best of’ list per se, but instead a ‘some of the best’ list. These companies really caught our eye for reasons we’ll explain below. We still recommend you do your own research before moving forward! 

The keen-eyed will also notice that national installers like SolarCity and Sunrun are missing. Well, there’s a good reason for that. Their customer reviews are simply appalling compared to the companies below! All of the installers on our list enjoy 100% perfect scores on Yelp. We’re talking 5 out of 5 stars (as of December 2017). We’ve yet to see any branch of any nation-wide installer see ratings that high.

So without further ado, we present our list of 5 great solar companies in Sacramento:

Energy Saving Pros

Why They’re the Best: They offer full-service solar and energy efficiency upgrades

Yelp Review: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 69 reviews

Financing: Cash, loan

Energy Saving Pros (ESP for short), doesn’t just install solar on your home. They focus instead on making your entire home green. In addition to solar, they install insulation, LED lighting, sealing of air leaks, radiant reflective barriers in your attic, and other energy-efficiency measures.

ESP began in 2008, and while they don’t publicize how much solar they’ve installed since then, their review numbers show it’s quite a lot.

On Yelp, ESP customers love their varied offerings, quality installations, and fast service. Here’s Carlene discussing her experience with ESP:

“What a professional, thorough and amazing company! … Not only were they quick, but they leave your home better than they found it (and I never asked them to do these things!): replaced cracked tiles, repaired and painted a crack in the stucco on a side wall of the house and picked up any trash they created and found — and they did not charge for any of this! Who does this anymore? I have not seen this level of customer service and quality control in ages. Love the app to view my panels & see how much power I’m generating. This was the BEST home improvement experience I’ve ever had.”

Bottom Line: If you want to install energy efficiency upgrades as well as solar (and we all should!), Energy Saving Pros are certainly the ones to check out.

Solar Harmonics

Why They’re the Best: Solid installations and great customer service

Yelp Review: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 54 reviews

Financing: Cash, loan

While their website isn’t helpful in the least (though their Instagram is a different story), Solar Harmonics gets great reviews and we just had to include them on our list. They offer financing with cash or loan and judging from what customer have to say, they install solid systems while offering great customer service at the same time.

Customers consistently praise Solar Harmonics for their professionalism, low-pressure sales meetings, attentive customer service, and fast installations.

Jeff raved about his experience:

“Freaking amazing! [Name omitted], the owner, was professional and responsive. Always on top of emails and answering questions. The crew that came out was very good. They did a clean job and all the panels are where I wanted them and very secure. I’m looking forward to seeing how much money I save. Very exciting!

I highly recommend Solar Harmonics. You will not be disappointed in either the cost (they are very competitive with other companies) or the quality.

Bottom Line: If you just want a great experience going solar, with excellent service and top-notch installations, Solar Harmonics does the trick.

West Coast Solar

Why They’re the Best: Multiple financing options, energy storage, home automation

Yelp Review: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 48 reviews

Financing: Cash, loan, lease

Next on our list is West Coast Solar. Like the other installers we’ve highlighted, West Coast Solar is local to Northern California and sees perfect scores on Yelp, with 5 out of 5 stars based on 48 reviews. Here’s Lori describing her experience:

“West Coast Solar is a great company to work with for all your solar needs. The experience start to finish was easy informative and straightforward… There was never any pressure or pushy sales pitch it was all about education about the product and process and making a decision based on that. On installation day the crew was professional and punctual and respectful of my property.”

On top of solar, West Coast Solar also offers energy storage and home automation. What sets West Coast Solar apart, though, is their financing options, which includes leases – a very rare offering for smaller companies. Typically, if you want to go solar with a lease, you’ll need to work with the big boys like SolarCity and Sunrun, companies that – as we’ve already pointed out – don’t have stellar reviews.

With West Coast Solar, you can have it all! Before moving forward with a solar lease, though, be sure to check out our 2017 article The Solar Lease Is Dying Off As Ownership Increases to know what you’re getting into.

Bottom Line: A great reputation – and solar leases to boot – keeps West Coast Solar on your list if you’re not quite sure what financing best fits your needs.

Magic Sun Solar

California subdivision

Why They’re the Best: Guaranteed completion in 30 days

Yelp Review: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 57 reviews

Financing: Cash, loan

Magic Sun Solar is another great option in the Sacramento area. They enjoy stellar reviews online, install panels on roofs, ground-mounts, and even carports. They’re also true locals, having worked in in Loomis County (just northeast of Sacramento) for 30 years.

If you’re interested in partnering up with Magic Sun, they’ll surely do a great job, judging from their reviews. In fact, Magic Sun is so sure they’ll provide a great experience that they guarantee your installation will be finished in 30 days. Here at UnderstandSolar, that’s something we’ve never seen before!

With reviews of big installers like SolarCity and Sunrun plagued by customer lamentations of 8 month, or even 12 month installation periods – a 30 day guarantee is not just a sales gimmick to laugh at.

From the initial sales call to follow-up after the installation is complete, customers praise Magic Sun for everything. Here’s Kathy describing her own experience:

“Magic Sun did a wonderful job of getting my solar installed. [Salesperson], the installers, and the office staff were all very good to work with and responsive when I had questions and when the HOA wanted more information than they probably knew what to do with. It’s been a year and I’m very satisfied with the product and with their recent responsiveness when I swapped out my router and wanted instruction on how to reconnect the Enphase monitoring tool.”

Bottom Line: Great reviews and a 30 day guarantee? Sign us up!

Capital City Solar

Why They’re the Best: Sunpower dealer, energy storage, EV charging

Yelp Review: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 40 reviews

Financing: Cash, loan

Last up on our list is Capital City Solar – named for obvious reasons. Capital City not only installs solar, they can provide energy storage and EV charging as well.  If you’re looking to create and store power, then run your EV with all that clean energy, Capital City can do it all and should be first on your list.

They’ve worked in solar for over 15 years and are an Elite Dealer of Sunpower premium panels. As with all the installers on our list, Capital City Solar enjoys a perfect score on Yelp, based on 40 reviews. Customers praise Capital City for all aspects of the installation process. Here’s Yvonne:

“Just installed our solar this week. We found everyone at Capital Solar to be very professional, friendly, and considerate. They did a wonderful job communicating during the entire process … Their installation crew got the job done on schedule and it looks great (well, as good as solar panels on your beautiful tile roof can look anyway)!”

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to install solar, buy an EV, and store your electricity, Capital City Solar can set up everything you need at once!

One last tip to find great solar companies in Sacramento

With so many great solar companies working in Sacramento, the hardest part is choosing the one for you! All of the installers above – and a few others that we didn’t include here – enjoy perfect reviews on Yelp. Working with any of the companies above, you know you’ll get a great experience.

How do you decide when they all have such great reviews? Consider this list your preliminary research – you’ve filtered out the bad installers. Now focus in on cost and equipment. Make sure the company you choose has the products you want at a good price.

In essence, you want to get the best bang for your buck. Reach out to a few installers for cost and equipment details. After that, you can rest assured you’ve done everything you can do ensure a great deal for your solar installation!

For some more tips on choosing your installer, check out our articles:

Have you installed solar in the Sacramento area? Tell us about your installer and your experience in the comments below!

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  • March 13, 2018