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What are the Best Solar Energy Stocks?


Interested in investing in solar energy stocks but you don’t if it’s a wise move?

How could an industry that is built on saving millions of homeowners thousands of dollars each not be a smart, successful investment?* While this statement is certainly true, as of fall 2016 stock prices for solar financing and installation companies are currently trading in the single digits. What is going on?

* Note that we are not financial advisors and this post is for entertainment purposes only!

The Solar Industry is Big Business that’s Growing Fast

Over the last 10 years, the solar industry has seen a veritable explosion, with year-over-year growth around 60% (compared to the average utility’s 13.4% annually increase in revenue from 2010-2015).  Large national solar companies that offer power purchase agreements (PPAs) and leases have been able to secure huge financing deals to cover these agreements, in which the solar companies recoup their initial investments in small monthly increments over the course of customers’ 20 year agreement.

In addition, the average price of solar panels has decreased a whopping 70% in that same time, further reducing total installation costs, leading to more and more homeowners making the decision to install solar.Continue reading

Solar Investments in Egypt: No Pyramid Scheme

Temple of Karnak at the Holy See (Egypt)

Where there’s sun, there’s power, and Egypt’s Aswan region is quickly becoming a prime spot for solar energy investments.

With $3 billion in foreign investments rolling in, southern Egypt is poised to become a solar powerhouse.

A total of 39 solar power plants are either planned or currently under construction in the Benban area north of Aswan, on the west bank of the Nile. Almost 9 thousand acres of that area will be dedicated to power production.

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Include Batteries with Your PV to get a 30% ITC for Storage

PV storage

With the increased interest in battery storage, as a companion to a PV installation, the IRS, in October put out a request for comments on ways to improve the battery storage 30% ITC.

The IRS will issue a final ruling at the end of 2016 on the specific conditions under which batteries are eligible for the 30% ITC

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Top Four Dumbest Reasons to Put Off Going Solar

four reasons to go solar

Anyone who works in the solar biz will attest to the fact that we humans are pretty good at procrastinating. But some of the reasons that people give to put off going solar are based on an incorrect assumption.

Here are the top 4 common mistakes in understanding solar, and why these errors should not hinder you from enjoying clean solar energy.

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Why Silver Prices Will Rise: Solar

silver solar

For every gigawatt of solar power installed, 80 metric tons of silver is required

Silver has long been viewed as an investment in its own right as an inflation hedge.It is also widely used in the manufacture of semiconductors, batteries, various nanotechnology applications, jewelery, photography, and in making solar photovoltaic cells.

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How to go Solar as a Small Business?

solar small business

Maybe your business isn’t Apple, Walmart or Google, but solar isn’t just a big benefit for big businesses.

Even a small business is able to leverage the advantages that going solar brings from lower bills to fonder customers – who doesn’t love a green business?

For a business that owns its own building going solar is clear sailing, with several provisos.

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Solar Uses More Energy to Manufacture than it Produces?

solar manufacture

What nonsense. This is, as my Great Aunt Ro would put it, “simply arrant drivel.”

Let’s go through the process. Look around you. Everything you see is manufactured somewhere. All manufacturing takes energy.

All manufactured things that are used to make energy, take energy to make. Even what’s needed to burn coal takes energy:

The massive turbines that use the steam by boiling water by burning coal, and turn that into electricity take energy to make. Like all manufactured objects, solar panels are manufactured. Do they take more energy?

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End of Fossil Energy? Oil Stocks Crash: Solar Stocks Gain

stock exchange solar

Sustainable stocks up 166.6%, fossil fuel stocks down 36.23%

LJ Furman, MBA, who writes about economics and policy at Popular Logistics, has done a comparison of stock market gains and losses comparing the top fossil energy companies stock prices, with the stock prices of near-random group of sustainable companies over the last three years till December 2015.

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How to Monitor My Solar System Performance?

my solar system

Do I need to buy a monitoring system to check my solar system performance?

Well, yes… and no. Ask yourself this:

1. Am I leasing my solar system – or signing a PPA (a Power Purchase Contract) through a third-party?

If you won’t be the actual owner of your solar system – but merely benefit from the solar power itself through credits that reduce your utility bill – then there is really no reason for you to have to monitor its performance.

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Goldman Sachs to Invest $150 Billion in Clean Energy


Goldman Sachs has ramped up a commitment to finance clean energy like solar and wind.

Goldman Sachs said that it is going to invest $150 billion in clean energy projects. This would represent a fourfold increase in the amount of money it plans to invest in financing clean energy infrastructure around the world.

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